Chancellor Rai calls for easing Nepali books export to India

Chancellor of Nepal Academy Bhupal Rai has drawn the attention of the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu to take initiatives to address the restrictions being imposed on export of books published in Nepal to India.

During a book release and discussion program held at the Nepal-India Library in Kathmandu as part of the Nepal-India Literature Festival today, Chancellor Rai expressed his belief that a book would be more fruitful and worthy if the readers of both countries could have easy access to the books published in Nepal and India.

On the occasion, he released two books titled ‘Sahitya Shodha Samidha’ written by Dr Sweta Deepti and ‘Samkalin Nepali Kabitayen’ translated from Nepali to Hindi by Dr Ramdayal Rakesh.

Expressing his belief that both the books will prove to be a milestone in linguistic, literary, cultural and art exchange between the two countries, he praised the Indian Embassy for playing an important role in strengthening the relationship between the two countries through language, literature, art and culture.

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