Gurkha Nepalese community clean the Victoria park area

Ashford, 16 May 2022, A group of Gurkha Nepalese communities cleaned The Victoria park area in Ashford last Sunday.
They have collected at least half-ton of rubbish. The main aim of this cleaning is to mingle around with local people, Chairman Kaprasad Chantyal said. He is the leader of the Sagarmatha Gurkha Nepalese Community.

Annually, At least one cleaning programme is organised during Spring, which is the second event of this year. Before starting the Victoria Park area cleaning, The Mayor of the Borough of Ashford is Councillor Callum Knowles appreciates the Gurkha community’s works and supports towards the local community.

Mr Nags Rai was in charge of this event, and there were more than three dozen people involved. Many retired British Gurkha Army and their family live around Ashford.

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